Who We are

I am Maria Elena, in love with the worldwide as much as fond of my land, and I am pleased to announce that LineacontinuainPuglia is on air! Event and Travel Agency in Puglia, Italy based in Salento, Cellino San Marco; land of sea, wine and good food, rich in history and culture, lineacontinua will be able to lead you to discover the territory and all that is part of it.
The love for the places where I was born and grew up, the flavors, the aromas, strong, delicate and enveloping, the passion and warmth of the people, at a certain point pushed me to go home.
I wanted there to be no continuity between the first part of my experience in the tourism sector, carried out abroad and in Northern Italy, and the next one on a continuous line.
A sort of link between past and present, between ancient and modern, between the inspiration of Southern people and the rigor of those of the North.
A balanced and common sense integration between opposite poles ... which attract each other, in a continuous line.
Using this tool as a compass, my goal is to rediscover my land through the eyes of more than 25 years of professional experience, and contribute to making it known to as many people in the world as possible for its excellence in art, culture and tradition.